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We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!

Top tips to engage your audience for your virtual events

Swags and branded merch are the wonderful answers on ways to engage your audience for your virtual events! Custom swag creates a link to your event, making attendees feel more connected to others and more eager to engage with your products and events. 

There are several creative way to utilise swag to boost the success of your virtual event. The key is to think outside the box regarding when to deliver swag and how to create a meaningful experience with them. 

Use Swags to create pre-event excitement 

By sending swags before an event, it helps to build up excitement among the participants. If you are holding a fitness event, you can distribute custom swag boxes with event-related gifts. For instance, items like yoga mat, athleisure tee, and sports headband can be considered. 

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Use Swags to create unique gift boxes for the event 

Apart from everything else, remember that Sparks Merch can help you distribute you gifts to 10 000 other addresses worldwide so you don't have to worry about that! You can also fully customise our eco-friendly kraft boxes however you like them. Be creative and include your event name too!

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Use Swags to increase connection between participants

It is difficult to feel connected with people that you have never met in real life. It is even challenging to bring all your attendees together on a virtual screen. This is when little things come into play. When everyone is wearing the same T-shirt for the event, it can create a sense of community that will bring people together. 


The same can be said when you see fellow attendees working out with the same yoga mat, or drinking from the same water bottle. 

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Use Swags to show appreciation for the attendees

After the event, you can send the attendees small gifts to thank and appreciate them for joining the event. Little thoughtful gifts like lip balms can say a lot about the event host. 

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Use Swags as a giveaway to entice attendees to respond to post-event surveys

As we are unable to mingle with the attendees after the event to find out more about their opinions on the events, we can only conduct online surveys. A large portion of the attendees may not respond to the post-event surveys, but with a giveaway present in lieu, they will have more incentive to do so! 

Several factors come together to form a successful event. We at Sparks Merch, aim to take your mind off swags and leave them to us! 


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