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We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
Telling Your Brand Story With Swags, Gifts and Merch

Telling Your Brand Story With Swags, Gifts and Merch

Every brand has a story to tell, and Sparks Merch is here to help you tell your story. Good marketing efforts is about wrangling your brand story and telling it in a way that turns stranger into loyal fans. It will also turn your brand into one that everyone knows about.

Gain Brand Awareness through Branded Merchandise 

Branded merchandise is tangible marketing that brings your brand into the world. You see branded merch all around you today, no matter where you go. From t-shirts to backpacks and totes, your brand messaging will be spread all over town. 

Branded Swag is an extension of your brand. Now, it is your chance to show what your brand stand for. Dive into your brand and everything it represents is valuable information for creating meaningful products. 

Branded Merchandise creates Clients/ Employees Loyalty

82% of people will have a more favourable impression of a brand after receiving their promotional merchandise. An unexpected gift can go a long way, and create a positive association with your brand. Having useful products like desktop items or stationery can ensure that your product is being used, and your brand is on display in front of clients as a reminder of you!

Creating branded merch for your employees also help to show your care and concern as an employer. Your employee will feel supported along the career and will be more motivated to work hard for a company that cares for their well-being.

Branded Merch can do Wonders

Branded merchandise can complement your other marketing strategies like events, activations and tradeshows. By handing out something substantial with your brand logo, you can create conversation about your brand and also allow people to remember you with something. The versatility of merch is also endless. You can use merch to do a campaign, a social media post, a giveaway, or even a company gathering event. Sparks Merch has got you covered. 

Swag Checklist

We’ve put together a “swag story” checklist for your next event or giveaway. How does your promotional product stack up?

  • Does it create an experience (such as interesting packaging or a surprising graphic?)
  • Does it exceed crowd expectations?
  • Does it affirm quality over quantity?
  • Will it make its way into people's hearts or merely into people's closet?
  • How does it represent your brand story?

All in all, branded merchandise is a key component of your marketing strategy. With amazing branded merch, they can be your effective way to market your brand and reach your audience. 

    Sparks Merch is all about helping you and your brand stand out in a crowded world. How can we lend a hand to your next project? Let’s chat!

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