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We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!

Best welcome gifts for your new employees and team mates

Whether you are welcoming your employees back to the office after a long long time, or you are welcoming your new hires - here are some welcome gifts ideas that will help them feel appreciated and welcome!

1. rPET Everyday Hustler Duffel

Shop rPET Everday Hustler Duffel

As the name suggests, it is the perfect gift to welcome your new hires or employees back to the office hustle! It is capable of carrying tons of things, it will fit gym essentials and also double up as a work bag. 

2. SPARKS ACTIVE Men Fitness & Athleisure Tech Tee

Shop SPARKS ACTIVE Men Fitness & Athleisure Tech Tee

Everyone needs a comfortable t-shirt for dress-down Fridays in the office! At Sparks Merch, we don't just do basic t-shirt. This is one that is made from icy-cool fabric and doubles up as a premium branded apparel for your company too. Your employees can wear them to work and wear them to gym after work too. 

3. Sleek Antibacterial Knitted Mask

Shop SLEEK Antibacterial Knitted Mask

As the COVID situation is improving, it is not behind us yet. Most of us will still have to wear masks due to the regulations. Mask acts as the most essential gifts in such situation. You can also add your company logo to the mask too which gives your employees a sense of identity. 

4. MIKA Biodegradable PLA Coffee Tumbler

Shop MIKA Biodegradeable PLA Coffee Tumbler

Every working adult needs a cup of coffee in their hand or on their desk at all times. A good and sustainable coffee tumbler is perfect for employees. 

5. FRITZ 15W Charger Stand

Shop FRITZ 15W Charger Stand

This is perfect for individuals who are working from home or from office. It is such an essential item that it will be used daily by most. Your employees can charge and use their phone at the same time which maximise efficiency. 

6. KANE Biodegradable Portable Charger

Shop KANE Biodegradable Portable Charger

All of us can definitely relate to the pain when your phone notifies you that it is only left with 1%. Here's the perfect solution so that we don't have to put our employees through that. It is a biodegradable portable charger that is small, light, fast, and powerful - ticking all the boxes you need in a portable charger. 

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