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We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!

This Is Our Story

  At Sparks, we believe that company merchandise is so much more than just printing your logo on a cotton t-shirt or a mug…

Originally a B2C retail brand for fitness and wellness products in Hong Kong and Singapore, we have received so many requests from corporates to make their branded items. This inspired us to found Sparks Merch! We have one simple goal: to be the best one-stop-shop for you to buy and manage corporate merchandise that speak volumes for your brand.
To do so we have made and curated the best wellness and eco-friendly products out there, and streamlined the entire buying and distribution process. So now you can pick the best in just a matter of clicks - hooray to getting plenty of hours of your life back!
Everything you see from this website has been carefully curated and stand for something. Of course, we didn’t miss out the classic notebooks, tshirts and mugs, but we’ve also got an array of selection that are:
- Eco-friendly and sustainable
- Ethically made (including even handmade items!)
- Supports local community and charity
- Supports small businesses
Gone are the times of sourcing from different suppliers, paying for bad quality samples, getting complicated quotations and spending hours kitting and distributing! We have already been through that, and spent thousands of hours combing through products to select only the best merch that we know your customers, employees and leads will thank you for!

  Merch is…

a powerful marketing tool for your brand. 

a way to tell your brand story and communicate your core values. 

a chance to connect  with your employees to strengthen company culture. 

and most importantly, it touches the hearts of clients and leads.

But all this will only happen if you give them quality, thoughtful and meaningful merch that speak to their hearts.

Talk to us today for a custom solution!