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We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
Beyond the Office Walls: Inspiring Holiday Swag for Remote Workforces

Beyond the Office Walls: Inspiring Holiday Swag for Remote Workforces

The holiday season is a time of celebration and appreciation, even for remote teams working from different locations like Singapore, Australia, other APAC regions or even around the world. While physical distance may separate team members, the spirit of togetherness can still be nurtured through thoughtful corporate gifts. In this blog post, we will explore a selection of holiday customised merchandise aiming to foster a sense of connection and camaraderie, regardless of the miles that lie between them.


Holiday Corporate Gifts for Remote Teams: Fostering Connection from Afar


1) SPARKS PREMIUM Hoodie (300g)

Embrace comfort and cosiness with a premium hoodie designed for remote workdays. The SPARKS PREMIUM Hoodie, made from high-quality materials, provides warmth and comfort during the holiday season. Customise the hoodie with your company logo or a motivational quote to remind your remote team members that their hard work is appreciated. Encourage them to wear the hoodie during virtual team-building activities or casual hangouts, creating a sense of belonging and unity even when working from different locations.



2) OPEN-A-TREE Chargeable LED Lamp

The OPEN-A-TREE Chargeable LED Lamp is an innovative and delightful swag item designed to infuse the holiday spirit into remote workspaces. This compact and portable lamp features an adorable Christmas tree-shaped design, complete with colourful LED lights that can be customised to create a warm and festive ambience. By adding a warm and festive glow to home offices, the lamp creates an atmosphere that evokes the holiday spirit. It helps remote employees feel connected to the joyful ambience typically experienced in traditional office settings.

christmas tree led lamp


3) CUSTOM Shoe Lace

Step up the holiday gifting game with a unique twist. Custom shoelaces offer an opportunity for team members to express their personal style and add a dash of creativity to their footwear. Imprint your company logo, a motivating message, or even inside jokes onto these laces. Encourage team members to proudly showcase their customised merchandise during video calls or share pictures of their personalised footwear on internal communication channels. It's a fun and interactive way to foster team spirit and generate conversations.

custom shoe lace


4) ULTIMATE Fully Custom Cotton Socks

Kick-start the holiday gifting with a touch of personalisation. Fully custom cotton socks allow you to incorporate team colours and logos. These cozy and stylish socks not only keep your remote team's feet warm but also serve as a reminder that they are part of a united group, even from a distance. Encourage them to wear their custom socks to create a sense of unity and shared identity.

custom socks


Even when physically apart, holiday corporate gifts have the power to bring remote teams closer together. By selecting personalised and thoughtful items, you demonstrate your appreciation for their dedication and commitment. These swag not only foster a sense of connection but also promote team spirit and well-being. Embrace the holiday season as an opportunity to strengthen the bond among your remote team members and create a sense of togetherness, no matter the distance that separates them.

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