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We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
We ship worldwide - contact us here for swag ideas!
Creating a Culture of Engagement & Empowering the Remote Teams

Creating a Culture of Engagement & Empowering the Remote Teams

As the trend of hybrid workplaces continues to gain popularity in Singapore and globally, organisations face the challenge of effectively engaging with remote employees. It is crucial to establish strategies that foster a sense of connection and enhance productivity among remote team members. One powerful approach to achieve this is by leveraging corporate gifts as a means of building relationships and expressing appreciation. In this blog post, we will delve into five effective methods for engaging hybrid and remote employees, all of which incorporate the thoughtful use of customised merchandise.


From Distance to Connection - Boosting Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Work Environment


1) Bring In The Fun Remotely With Virtual Team Building Events

One way to promote team bonding and create a sense of camaraderie among hybrid and remote employees is through virtual team building events. With the right help and host like offering a wide range of virtual and in person themed experiences designed to engage teams and facilitate collaboration. These experiences can be incorporated into virtual team-building activities, providing an opportunity for employees from around the world to connect and have fun together!


2) Welcome Kit For New Employees

When onboarding new employees, make them feel valued and welcomed by sending a carefully curated welcome kit filled with swags. These corporate gifts can include some custom merch such as SKINS A5 Premium Notebook, ROCKET V.2 Bottle (550ml), SPARKS ACTIVE Baseball Cap or SPARKS PREMIUM Cotton T-shirt (190g) that are practical and useful. By giving out these tangible tokens of appreciation, you set a positive tone from the start and make remote employees feel like a valued part of the team. 



3) Recognise Milestones & Build A Culture Of Virtual Recognition

Celebrating milestones and achievements is crucial for employee engagement. In a hybrid or remote work environment, it's important to establish a culture of virtual recognition. Along with verbal appreciation or virtual celebrations, consider sending some specially designed swag to remote employees when they reach significant milestones. This could include WILTON Mini LED ProjectorWILFRED 3-in-1 Wireless Magsafe Charger Stand or ANDERSON Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder.These rewards not only recognise their accomplishments but also serve as a lasting reminder of their value to the organisation.

ANDERSON Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder


4) Organise Group Outings or Volunteer Days

To foster a sense of community and teamwork, organise group outings or volunteer days can help bringing the hybrid and remote team members together. This could be planning local volunteer initiatives where employees can participate and give back to their communities or a company trip. As a gesture of appreciation, corporate gifts can also be customised for the related activities. such as SPARKS ACTIVE Premium Cotton Wristbands for Sports Day and WOODOL Wooden Bowl Set with Cutlery for Picnic Day. 



5) Send Festive Customised Swag During The Holiday Season 

During the holiday season, let's make remote employees feel included and appreciated by sending personalised team gifts. Consider custom merch that align with employees' interests or hobbies, such as RICARDO Coffee Kit or JAMJET Portable Karaoke On The Go. Including a heartfelt note with Fully Custom Card Insert expressing gratitude for their contributions can further strengthen the bond between the employee and the company.

 RICARDO Coffee Kit

Engaging hybrid and remote employees requires thoughtful strategies that go beyond the virtual workspace. By incorporating corporate gifts into your engagement initiatives, you can create a sense of connection, foster a positive work culture, and show appreciation for their contributions. Whether through online team building activities, welcome kits, milestone recognition, group outings, or personalised holiday merch, swag can be a powerful tool in engaging and motivating your hybrid workforce and building a better working environment and culture together!




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